Dynamics of Faith (5 lessons) Fall 2023

This unit covers the broad spectrum of faith as a way of life and reflects the heartbeat of the mission and message of our school. Dynamics of Faith presents a clear, biblical viewpoint of the Christian's rights and privileges in Christ and removes common misconceptions about our standing in God.

Healing Truths (7 lessons) Spring 2024
God's Word supplies the key to unlock the blessings of divine healing. Through scriptural truths, myths which have been taught about this Bible doctrine are dispelled.

Covenant Truths (6 lessons) Fall 2021
Believers in Jesus Christ have spiritual authority in His Name. This unit explains how and why Jesus obtained the greatest of all names. You also learn how you can use His mighty Name successfully in prayer and in everyday life. And you'll discover many more blessings God has provided for every believer through Jesus.

Charismatic Truths (6 lessons) Spring 2022
In this unit, the Person and purpose of the Holy Spirit in His baptismal ministry, gifts, fruit, administration, and endowment of spiritual adequacy for these days is especially emphasized.

Life of Prayer (4 lessons) Fall 2022

This unit gives insight into the relevance of prayer in all dimensions of the life of faith. Prayer is the supply-line connecting man's needs to God's resources. It is also the channel of fellowship and communion with God.

The Christian Life (7 Lessons) Spring 2023

God wants His children to be well equipped to overcome any enemy attack. This unit is designed to enable Christians to escape everyday pressures and enjoy victory in every trial. It covers many aspects of life, from recognizing the Holy Spirit's voice and following God's plan to walking in love and building strong relationships.