The Difference Church did not begin in a building, but in the hearts of two ordinary people willing to do extraordinary things to see the Willamette Valley changed. The Difference began meeting in October of 2009 with 2 people in the home of Pastors Ken and Heather Willis.   

Here at The Difference Church we are building a relevant 21st Century Church that will touch God's heart and reach the lost.  

The Difference Church is a church that is founded on five biblical principles.

These five principles are:

1) Love

2) Faith

3) Service

4) Patient Endurance

5) Truth


 This comes from Revelation 2:19, 24-28 where Jesus was speaking to the Church of Thyatira.

These five stones are the measure of our success in all we seek to do in building God's House here in Albany

and across the earth.


The vision for our church is expressed by our  “The Difference Is”  statement:


The Difference is

A church that Walks in Love, Walks in Faith, and is Led by the Spirit of God.  

The Difference is

God centered, Purpose Driven and People Empowering.  

The Difference is

Exciting and full of life. It is a church that is both numerically large and spiritually deep.   

The Difference is

Non-religious, naturally supernatural, and incredibly fun to be in. It's a church of renowned character and integrity. A church whose number one priority is to glorify God and bring his wonderful life to a lost world.   

The Difference is

Attractive, confident, victorious and overcoming. It is a church whose powerful proclamation and awesome worship are broadcast to this generation with passion and purpose.  

The Difference is

Equipping, enabling and releasing ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.   

The Difference is

A deeply committed, loving, caring family amongst whom the lonely and the broken find refuge, new hope and belonging. 




The Difference Church is a church that loves God by loving people. We believe that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and that hope helps us to impact peoples lives with purpose and passion.

ALL are invited to come and hang out with us as we pursue the AMAZING LOVE that God has for ALL of us. So come and "Be The Difference" with us as we share this amazing love with the world around us.

At The Difference Church there is a place for you





God is so passionate about each one of us; He’s bigger, better and closer than we could imagine.
The Bible is the perfect guidebook for living life.

Jesus is God clothing Himself in humanity so we can see Him.

God lives in and through us now by the Holy Spirit and wants us to be filled and overflowing with His presence.

Nothing we see around us is an accident. God created it all.

We could never do enough good things to have a relationship with God. Grace is the only way to step into a relationship with Him. Trusting and relying solely upon God is the only way we grow in our relationship with Him.

With God we win, all other options lead to failure. God has allowed evil to provide us with two choices. If we choose God, He can bring good even out of evil events and He tells us in the Bible that there is victory for those who choose Him. The other option isn’t so good.

Death is a beginning not an end. The beginning of the rest of your life will be in one of two very real places, heaven or hell.

The church is God’s family and He wants the church to do as He did, to serve people just as He did.
Jesus is very real and He is coming back.